The only vibrational adipose harvesting and transfer system
with proprietary ASR technology.

ASR technology

Newport Beach Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kelishadi walks us through the AcquiCell™ ASR Technology, a safety mechanism for liposuction and fat transfer procedures.

AcquiCellKey Features

Fully Autoclavable Handpiece and Cord.

Robust enough to withstand AAMI autoclave standards.

Small Footprint.

Save valuable space in your operating room.

Smooth and Precise Control.

Weighs only 11oz allowing you to do more.

Pre-set and Custom Settings.

Adjust your settings to fit your needs.

Adjustable RPM and Torque.

Go from 500 to 15,000 RPM with built-in torque safety features.

Improved Patient Comfort.

Vibration dampens pain according to GATE theory.

AcquiCell™ Benefits


Improved graft and cell viability tested at 90+%​ when used with appropriate tumescent technique, cannulas, and aspiration settings.

In-Vivo Mechanical Dissociation

When using the right cannulas and settings, AcquiCell™ micronizes the harvested graft removing the need for further ex-vivo manipulation of adipose tissue.

FDA Registered

Cleared for soft tissue harvesting, including adipose tissue.

ASR technology


Aquicell Belly

Aquicell Console

Aquicell FatCells

Aquicell Handpiece

AcquiCell™ in Action

This device is ideal for physicians involved with tissue grafting and regenerative medicine using adipose tissue.

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